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January 30, 2007


Oski Bear

Your argument would be sound if there was no existing facility and this was an entirely new project. The fact is that the status quo is an 87-year-old stadium that is full of cracks and obviously not built to modern seismic standards. There are regularly 400 or more people in that building and on game days as many as 73,000. Whatever they build there will certainly be safer for those people than what exists now. Certainly one important lesson of Loma Prieta and Northridge is that modern buildings (including skyscrapers) do a whole lot better than old unreinforced concrete buildings. The longer this project is delayed by these zealots, the longer that 100’s of lives (to say nothing of Tedford’s tenure) are being put at risk.


Judge Barbara Miller made the decision -- not a CEQA judge or a person knowledgeable about Alquist Priolo. Also, Cragmont School in Berkeley *didn't* survive Loma Prieta -- unlike the blog author -- but got rebuilt in the Alquist Priolo zone. It is all politics. Always.

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